Happy, Happy, Happy!

Common sense tells us that happy students are going to do better in school than unhappy students. As unnecessary as it may seem, the fact is that studies have actually been done to prove this rather obvious hypothesis.


David L. Hough, Ph.D., wrote an article about student happiness. His research shows that "when students feel safe, enjoy being where they are and are happy, they tend to return more often, they tend to behave and they tend to learn."


Nel Noddings, in her book Happiness and Education (2003), summarized quite simply that "happy students learn better than unhappy students...and happy people are rarely mean, violent, or cruel," and that "efforts should be undertaken to promote happiness at school."


At The dePaul School, we have known these facts for years. We actively promote positive attitudes and perseverance and encourage smiling, having fun, and even laughing - among both students and staff!  We make sure that each student feels that they are a valued member of the school and we work to develop an overall sense that, despite their struggles and challenges in school, they are great kids and have a great life.


Please check out our new photo gallery for pictures of the many smiling, laughing and happy children at The dePaul School -- they speak for themselves! I hope these pictures bring a smile to your face as well, and in the words of Duck Dynasty, make you "Happy, Happy, Happy!"

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The dePaul School for Dyslexia is a specialized, independent school dedicated to the education of children in 1st-8th grades with dyslexia and related language-based learning difficulties, with the primary goal of enabling these students to achieve academic and personal success.

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