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How the DePaul School Teaches Music

For all traditional program students at the dePaul School, music class, with a focus on the violin, happens once a week. In the delta program, students have the option to add the violin to their schedule after the school day.  

The teaching method we use for music here at the dePaul School is based upon the methods of Shinichi Suzuki and is called the “mother tongue” method. The idea behind the method is that in the same way babies can pick up language through just hearing their language, children can also learn how to play and understand music from listening.

Repeating the same songs, or even passages from the same songs, helps to reinforce the ideas to the children, and helps them pick the music up. Most homework for this method is listening to the specific Suzuki songs, such as this one: 


The goals of the method are to get children familiar with the instruments before learning how to read music. Technical skills are also taught through playing songs, instead of through dry technical exercises. This method helps keep the students more engaged with the music and helps keep some of the more frustrating things, such as problems with reading music, at bay.

This method is supposed to be used to encourage children into playing and rewarding them for their efforts with songs that they can play.

Want to learn more about this method? Check out their website.

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