Dr. Charles Shedd develops a structured linguistics program and trains teacher to help dyslexic students


Sister Anne Rita Mauck began working with Dr. Shedd. To make this learning more accessible to families, she developed DPSL (dePaul Structured Linguistics). She founded the first dePaul School in Kentucky in 1970.


Families in Pinellas County who could not find help for their dyslexic children, contacted Sister Ann Rita and the dePaul School in Louisville. With their support, DPSL became the curriculum for a tutorial program that became a full-time day school by 1984.


After years of moving to different campus locations, we found a home at 2747 Sunset Point Road where we grew to serve about 70 students each year.


To keep up with demand, we expanded to create a lower school at 2176 Marilyn Street. That location serves students in grades 1-4. Our upper school, grades 5-8, is still located on Sunset Point Road. Between both campus we now serve about 100 students each year.


Structured Linguistics, based on direct-multisensory instruction, still guides our work. 100% of our teachers are Orton-Gillingham trained and we are growing faster than ever!